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Fleret In Libeznice (concert review) 2018-08-05

Great concert in the Sport Park in Libeznice, a little town on the northern suburbs of Prague. Organized by the owners of the local café (see, it had two sets of support artists: Marija Cmilova, young local violinist (like really young, maybe 12?), quite good, and also local folk band called Akordman. They introduced their own gest, Moravian ethnographer, former director of the Museum of J.A.Komensky in Uhersky Brod, singer and bagpipe player Pavel Popelka. Although Akordman themselves are just one of many regular folk bands, with Pavel Popelka it was an entirely different story. I believe the members of Fleret were listening carefully on the backstage. In fact, their drummer Rostislav Koptik came to help with a couple of songs, which even improved the resulting impression.
Fleret then showed exactly what was expected from them: an excellent folk-rock thunderstorm, the like they know since their beginnings with Vlasta Redl, perfecting it for 35 years now (this concert was actually a part of their 35th anniversary tour). There is no point in more talking; who has seen Fleret at least once, knows exactly what I am talking about. Who has not seen them yet, it is high time he did.
Sample videos on Youtube:
Pavel Popelka a Akordman
Fleret: Lélo
Fleret: Bečva

Akordman+Pavel Popelka


Fleret-left to right:
Radek Postava
Zdeněk "Hrach" Hrachový
Rosťa "Rocky" Koplík
Stanislav "Stáňa" Bartošík
Vítek "Orf" Rokyta

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