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Oskar Petr 60 (May 22, 2012) (concert review) 2012-06-01

Here are a few notes on the 60th Birthday Concert of Oskar Petr in Palac Akropolis, Prague (more details can be found in the Czech version).
  The concert started with the 1970's-1990's Czech jazzrock legend Martin Kratochvil and his Jazz Q, today playing really hard!
Jazz_Q" Jazz_Q_with_O_Petr"
  A calmer session followed with just Oskar Petr and Jiri Vopava (violinist of the bluegrass band Cop). After a while, Jiri changed violin to mandoline and Oskar invited one more guest, the woman violinist Helen. Her wild performance cannot be described, you need to see that.
  And here is another precious guest to Oskar, one of the most popular Czech female singers, Aneta Langerova. She sings two songs with a guitar and electric piano, one of them is her greatest hit "Hrisna tela, kridla motyli", written by...Oskar Petr, of course.
  After Aneta, Kalandra Memory Band appeared, widely welcome and appreciated, as they perform songs of former Marsyas with Oskar and Zuzana for some time now. For a while, one more special guest popped up: the U.S. singer and guitarist Vinnie James.
  Now, Oskar announces the star of today's evening: Zuzana Michnova, the other of the three former members of Marsyas. The leader of Kalandra Memory Band, Miroslav Kuzelka, has a similar voice to deceased Marsyas member Petr Kalandra, so now they sound like Marsyas once again.
KMB_Zuzana_Michnova" KMB_Zuzana_Michnova"
  And one more star on stage: David Koller, leader of Lucie, one of the most popular Czech pop-rock bands ever. He also sings two of his greatest hits, guess who wrote them.
  Some of the former performing musicians come back now, this time to support Oskar Petr as his new "Oskar Band" (he himself says the name for the band has to be found yet). Guitarist Marek Minarik stays here from previous Lucie performance; also drummer Vajco Deczi who played with Jazz Q is back now; and another famous American musician, Brian Charette, brought his laptop and MIDI keyboard. They play a few songs from the coming CD and it sounds good.
  The party is coming to the end. Members of Kalandra Memory Band are back, Oskar announces his last but not least guest: Michael Kocab. Michael had a few compliments on Oskar's voice (which really seems to get better and better with the passing years). Then there is a toast to Oskar and the final song with Michael playing keyboard (exactly as he did on the first Marsyas album) in one of the early Marsyas hits, Zmrzlinar (Ice Cream Man).
  And that was it!

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