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years active: 1976 - 1982

band of the drummer Vlastimil Marek who, after a couple of controversial participation in several alternative rock bands (Extempore, Elektrobus, Stehlík, Švehlík) fell for eastern philosophies and music. The first line-up is formed mostly by ex members of Svehlik. After their parting with Marek, Jiri Mazanek comes (1978) with whom Amalgam shifts to calmer meditative music (from later point of view possibly labeled as New Age). In 1980 Mazanek and Marek split and Mazanek forms similarly oriented Relaxace. Marek leaves to Japan for some time; after his return, he has a couple of concerts in different line-ups with Mazanek, Valenta, E.Pospisil a.o.; gradually, Mazanek stifles activities of Amalgam and performs solo in his next (unfrequent) concerts, with occasional support of guests (E.Pospisil).


Lubos Fidler "Dalmador"  (1976-1978) , guitars, vocal
Alexandr Hajdovsky "Lesik"  (1976-1978) , guitars, vocal
Pavel Richter  (1976-1978) , guitars, vocal
Tomas Zetek  (1976-1978) , vocal, violoncello
Jan Mayer "Bred"  (1976-1978) , vocal, trumpets
Zdenek Macku  (1976-1978) , vocal
Vlastimil Marek  (1976-1982) , percussion, leader, conga
Jiri Mazanek  (1978-1980) , guitars, vocal
Milan Valenta  (1978-1980) , violin
Emil Pospisil  (1979-1982)
Jiri Kohoutek  (1981-1982)
Ilja Resek  (1981-1982)
Mohan Lal, tabla


Amalgam 1978-81 , demo 1981 ,

samplers etc.:

Svehlik & Amalgam , Galen 2017



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