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Kucaj, Martin
active from year 1983

musician, composer, producer; son of musician Vladtimil Kucaj and famous female pop singer Marie Rottrova. Beginnings in garage bands in Ostrava; in 1985 relocated to Prague, playing in various bands and composing music for TV jingles but also for the theatre Sklep. Received wider recognition thanks to his band Proud and their hit song Jedna mala holka (One Little Girl, 1994). In 1998 relocated to Canada; he composes music and jingles for TV shows and ads.

personal data, including participation in the recordings of other groups


Nudlova polevka pro malou mlsalku ( Noodle Soup For The Sweet Toothling ) , Ariola Records 1995


Proud ( The Current ) ( Proud ) , Ariola Records 1994


Jedna mala holka, 1994 (One Little Girl)


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