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Art M Trio
years active: 1990 - 1994

art-rock band founded by the phenomenal Slovak pianist and composer Marek Brezovsky during his conservatory studies in Bratislava. After Bresovsky's early demise in 1994, his friend and musical colleague Oskar Rozsa gathered existing (but never released) studio recordings from 1991-1992, finalized some more from the band's repertoir with a help of top Slovak musicians and released an album named Hrana. Under the same name he also performs live repertoir of the Art M Trio Band.


Marek Minarik "Marta"  (1990-1994)
Marek Brezovsky  (1990-1994) , keyboards, vocal
Michal Krestanko  (1990-1994) , drums



Hrana ( Brezovsky, Marek ) , Art music production 1999 ,


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