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David Popper

born: 1843-12-09
died: 1913-10-07
birthplace: Praha
diedplace: Baden u Vidne

Czech musician and composer of Jewish origin. Born in the family of the schoolmaster of Gypsy Synagogue in Prague. He studied at the Prague conservatory and soon became a reputable cello player. This helped him to get the position of concert master and soloist of the royal court opera in Vienna. With his wife, famous German piano player Sophie Menter, they performed all over Europe. Later he became professor at the royal musical academy in Budapest (on recommendation of F. Liszt). He taught his younger brother Vilem, who also became world-famous cello player.

  • Requiem for 3 cellos and orchestra , 1891
  • 4 concerts for cello
  • High School of Cello Playing op. 73 (40 etudes for studying purposes)
  • a number of smaller compositions mostly for violoncello


Little Encyclopedia of Music (dr. Jar. Smolka; &col., Supraphon 1983)


Scottish Fantasy for Cello and Orchestra op. 71 (MP3) (rec. Pilsner Philharmony for Czech Radio Prague 2007, cond. Jiri Malat, cello by Dominika Hoskova)

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