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Josef Klicka

born: 1855-12-15
died: 1937-03-28
birthplace: Klatovy
diedplace: Klatovy

Czech composer, violinist and organ virtuoso. Son of the choirmaster in Klatovy, played violin since his early childhood thanks to father's lessons. He went on with violin at the conservatory of Prague. After finishing it, he earned his living as violinist in theatre orchestra and studied the Organists' School at the same time. In 1876 he became the bandmaster of Svanda Theatre in Prague; in 1878-1881 he was bandmaster of the Interim Theatre. After establishing the Masters School within the Prague Conservatory, he became the professor of the Organ Class in 1885. In 1892-1995 he substituted Antonin Dvorak as the Prague Conservatory schoolmaster (at the time of Dvorak's stay in the USA). As an educator, he got the reputation of the founder of the modern Czech organ improvisation and interpretation; he trained a lot of top Czech organists. His musical production was quite extensive, written in the style of late romanticism.

  • Chamber works
    • string quartets, quintets, wind quintet, Notturno for violin, cello and harp etc.
  • Organ music
    • a number of large works, e.g. organ concerto with orchestra
    • Fantasy ang fugue on the "St.Wenceslaus" Chorale
  • Choral music
    • male chorales Lumir's Legacy 1903, Blanik 1905, Our Chant 1906
    • female chorales Appeal to Destiny 1919, In the Fields 1923
    • Mixed Chorales Ballad of Czech Music 1903, Polka coming 1907, October 28 (with wind instruments) 191
  • Other works
    • harp music (even for two and three harps)
    • melodrama Just Once
    • music for mass free-standing excercises


Kniha o hudbe/Book of music (V.Holzknecht & col., Orbis 1964)
CD Czech Organ Music (MUSIC VARS 1997)


Fantasy on the old Chorale of St Wenceslaus (MP3) (Jirina Pokorna organ, MUSIC VARS 1997)


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