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Jan Cikker

born: 1911-07-29
died: 1989-12-21
birthplace: Banska Bystrica
diedplace: Bratislava

Slovak composer, together with Eugen Suchon founder of Slovak modern classical music. His compositions are heavily influenced by traditional music, as was his idol Janacek. He studied at the Masters School of Prague (composition under V. Novak, organ under B.A.Wiederman). Later he received scholarship at the Musical Academy of Vienna. He also dealth with musical theory and Aesthetics. Since 1939 he taught at the conservatory of Bratislava, in 1945-48 he was a dramaturgist of Slovak National Theatre, in 1951-1979 professor at the Musical Academy of Bratislava.

  • orchestral music (symphonies, symphonical poems, mostly in the pre-war period)
  • Chamber music (string quartets, piano compositions)
  • spiritual music (cantatas)
  • Operas - e.g.
    • Juro Janosik , 1954
    • Beg Bajazid , 1957
    • Vzkriesenie , 1962
    • Hra o laske a smrti , 1969
    • Obliehanie Bystrice , 1983
    • Zo zivota hmyzu , 1987


Little Encyclopedia of Music (dr. Jar. Smolka; &col., Supraphon 1983)
CD Booklet (Jan Cikker, Opus 1988)


Memories (MP3) , suite for 5 wind instruments and string orchestra, 1947 (II. Molto moderato)
Variation on Slovak Folk Song for big orchestra, 1970 (MP3) (Symphonic orchestra of Slovak Radio, cond. Ondrej Lenard, Opus 1988)


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