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Adam Vaclav Michna z Otradovic

born: 1600-06-30 (questionable)
died: 1676-10-16
birthplace: Jindrichuv Hradec
diedplace: Jindrichuv Hradec

one of th most important personalities of Czech baroque music, organist and musical pedagogue, poet and composer. He came from musical family living in Jindrichuv Hradec since the beginning od 16th century. He was probably son of the organist Michal Michna and other of his relatives were horn-blowers at Jindrichuv Hradec Castle. They were descendants of the aristocratic family; so in roku 1673 he signs documents as Adamus Wenceslaus Michna de Ottradowicz. He studied at the Jeusit College, later on he became a member of the Literary Brotherhood and the choirmaster; besides, he owned a beerhouse. He is well known as the author of almost 200 songs issued in three anthologies. His best known song is "Chtic aby spal" which became so popular that it was treated as traditional and has been sung as a Christmas carol to date. Another part of his work were technically advanced church compositions influenced by late Venice School.

  • Song anthologies
    • Ceska marianska muzika , 1647
    • Loutna ceska , 1653
    • Svatorocni muzika , 1661
  • Church compositions
    • anthology Sacra et litanie , 1654
    • Magnificat
    • Missa Sancti Venceslai


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Loutna ceska (MP3) (Czech Lute; Lenka Filipova gitar and a vocal, CD Concertino II, Polygram 1995)

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