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Okor With Juice (concert review) 2012-06-06

Here are some pictures and notes from this year's festival Okor se stavou (Okor With Juice).
  Unfortunately, I came a little late, so I missed Vltava; and I could not stay till the end, so I also missed Vaclav Neckar, Olympic and Charlie Straight. Still, it was a pleasant Saturday afternoon.

  Parade Marche (hardrock)
  soundcheck of ETC... Band and Ivan Hlas Trio; in the front sitting Vladimír Mišík, behind him Ivan Hlas with drummer Jiri Zelenka, in the front standing guitarist Norbi Kovacs, behind him with the violin standing Vladimir Pavlicek, on the left still guitarless Petr „Kulich“ Pokorny
  more souncheck; in the front Ivan Hlas Trio (Norbi Kovacs-Ivan Hlas-Olin Nejezchleba), behind Ivan Hlas guitarist and accordionist of ETC... band Jiri Vesely; behind sitting Olin Vladimir Misik's Head sticking out, on the right (wearing the red sweatshirt) the publicist Petr Koral, here in the moderator's position
  Vladimír Mišík sedící, zpívající
  Lukas Martínek & Private Earthquake Band
  Mandrage attracted the later born half of the audience up to the stage
  Stay Subway kept the fans at the stage ...
  ... and Sto zvirat with their pulsing ska music attracted even more
  Hentai Corporation with their brutal roar do not leave anybody intact: you either run, or enjoy. Majority enjoyed.
  UDG probably had to play harder than intended, so that not to look as dead corpses compared to the previous band. It worked, the audience did not get cold.
  the young band Bags has enough energy not to spoil the pumped-up atmosphere but they need to make up what they really want to sound like; so far, every song sounds different but none too original.
  Bohemian Heart (Ceske srdce), is more or less the home band as their frontman Michal Senbauer is the main organizer of the festival. THey used to play celtic rock; nowadays, it is not so much celtic but it still is a well made juicy rock'n'roll, exaclty as promised in the festival's name.
  O5 and Radecek did their best but their position was not easy. After Bohemian Heart and before Wohnout, their role was just to fill in the break. They played it with honor.
  Wohnout was one of the evening's highlights. THey might be a little tired tonight (they admitted they had a hard time the night before) but still they were able to keep their high standards. Humorous as always, the frontman Matej Homola updated the name of a song from "Meeting Pedro" to "Vomitting Pedro".
  at this time, the twilight and chill came quick
  Imodium played quite hard, serving as a counterpart to coming Vaclav Neckar.

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