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years active: 1982 - 1983

Slovak hardrock/progrock band consisting of a few top musicians. Started from the renamed pop-rock Lubo Belak Band. In 1982 they recorded one album which was released in a very limited edition because it was not the type of culture promoted by the communist authorities. A few months after that, several members of just disbanded Demikat came in. However, soon after that they got disbanded.


Juraj Bartovic  (1982-1983) , keyboards, vocal
Jozef Lacena  (1982-1983) , drums, vocal
Lubomir Belak  (1982-1983) , guitars, synthesizers, vocal
Dusan Valihora  (1982-1983) , bass guitar
Andrej Seban  (1983-1983)
Jan Fabricky  (1983-1983)
Marian Greksa  (1983-1983)


LBT , Opus 1982

SP / EP:

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