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Irglova, Marketa
active from year 2002

female vocalist, piano player, singer and songwriter; with her former partner, Irish musician Glen Hansard, Oscar 2007 co-winners for the song Falling Slowly from the movie Once (in which they both starred). After split up with Hansard, she moved to the USA and married the bassist Tim Iseler. In 2013 divorced and moved to Island where she lives with the musician and producer Sturla Mio Thorisson with whom she has a daughter Árveig.

personal data, including participation in the recordings of other groups


Anar , Indies Happy Trails 2011
Muna , Anti, Inc. 2014 ,
Lila , 2022 ,


The Swell Season ( Hansard, Glen ) , Overcoat Recordings 2006 ,

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