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Krch-off band
active from year 2006

band of poetry writer, lyricist, guitarist and singer J.H.Krchovsky; its formation was initialized by the producer Marek Brodsky after his departure from his own Nahoru po schodisti dolu band in 2006. Although Krchovsky originally considered this just a one-time project intended to record one author's album, the rest of the band persuaded him to perform life occasionally. The album was finally recorded in 2008 but the band still performs rather intensively.


Jiri Jelinek  (2006-2006)
Tomas Skrivanek  (2006-2006, since 2009) , bass guitar
Oto Sukovsky  (2006-2008) , bass guitar
Tomas Schilla  (since 2006) , violoncello
Jiri Michalek  (since 2006) , drums
Jiri Hasek "J.H.Krchovsky"  (since 2006) , guitars, vocal
Pavel Ciganek  (since 2007) , violin, guitars



Naposled ( The Last Time ) ( J. H. Krchovsky ) , Guerilla Records 2008
Jakoze vubec nic ( Supposedly Nothing At All ) ( J. H. Krchovsky ) , Guerilla Records 2016

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