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Vladivojna La Chia
active from year 2000

very unorthodox female singer, composer, and guitarist with punk roots, gradually changing to alternative singer and songwriter. The essencial breakpoint in her career was foundation of the rock band Banana in 2002, with which she released 3 albums, performed in big events (support of Marilyn Manson, Scorpions, joint tour with Waltari) and achieved a lot of popularity in Poland. Since 2009 she performs and records solo; often collaborating with top musicians of different genres (jazz trumpeter Laco Déczi, Lenka Dusilova, Ales Bajger, Indian jazz guitarist Amit Chatterjee). She composes film music (Miroslav Hrebejk's Nevinnost, Marta Novakova's 8 hlav silenstvi, HBO series Az po usi).

personal data, including participation in the recordings of other groups


Jungle , Universal Music 2006
Tajemstvi Lotopu , Bayger Production 2009
Bohemy , Bayger Production 2011
Nevinnost ( Innocence ) , Bayger Production 2011
Sraf ( Cross Hatch ) , Vladivojna La Chia 2013
Tajemstvi (s)prosteradel , Vladivojna La Chia 2014

compilations / live recs.:

Az po usi , Vladivojna La Chia 2015

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