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active from year 1988

cultic underground band from Teplice, North Bohemia founded by three members of the disbanded Hever with a new drummer, originally named Utaja Hunata. After several official performations, they gradually became a part of the underground culture of that time, participating at undercover ventures. Their complicated depressing music with uncompromised lyrics stood no chance at the official scene anyway.In November 1989, just before the fall of communism, they played at the legendary Solidarity COncert in Wroclaw, Poland (besides MCH Band and Sanov being the only Czech "Big Beat"representatives). After the revolution, the bands is busy in concerts, with even two tours in Switzerland. In spite of the high individual instrumental skills, the band is desperately searching for the new face, experimenting both in music and lyrics, finally disbanding in the late 1990s. After 2009 coming back in the original line-up that had never changed during the years, until the drummer Vladimir Saska died in 2012.


Vladimir Saska  (1988-2011) , drums, vocal
Jan Peclinovsky  (since 1988) , guitars, vocal, background vocal
Jaroslav Neuhofer  (since 1988) , violin, vocal
Ludek Zednik  (since 1988) , bass guitar, background vocal
Zdenek Sulc "Kobe"  (since 2011) , drums


Humanquake , Pro Art 1991 ,
Mezi psem a vlkem ( Between the Dog and the Wolf ) , 1995 ,
Cekani na slunce ( Waiting for the Sun ) , Guerilla Records 2003 ,
Knak 1992 / Humanquake (remaster) , Guerilla Records 2006 ,
Ples loutek ( Marionette Ball ) , Guerilla Records 2015 ,
Utaja Hunata (Vsechno zmizi) , Guerilla Records 2021 ,



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