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Mydlo ( The Soap )
years active: 1982 - 1990

New Wave/Synthpop band of Vladimir Kocandrle (who simultaneously leads OK Band). As Kocandrle was the only officially approved Czech new wave musician, he probably tried to get the most of it and performed with the female singer Zuzana Brezinova as OK Band and with the singing lyricist Ladislav Vostarek as Mydlo. After releasing two singles, Kocandrle focused on OK Band. He resurrected Mydlo once more in 1990 to record a single with the actress Zuzana Ruzickova and her son Jiri Ruzicka with a cover of the megapopular hit Lambada. In the credits for this single, the name Robert Kalivoda is used instead of Vladimir Kocandrle.


Vladimir Kocandrle  (1982-1990) , synthesizers
Pavel Skala "Pavel"  (since 1982) , drums
Jiri Krivka  (since 1982) , synthesizers
Ladislav Vostarek  (since 1982) , vocal


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