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years active: 1977 - 1982

Progressive band influenced by jazzrock, Rock In Opposition movement, at that time newly developing punk and later New Wave. After 1981 Michael Kocab pulled Vilem COk into his Prazsky Vyber and Zikkurad practically disbanded; they have one last concert in March 1982. In 1990 Krivka founded a brand new Zikkurat II that only lasts 3 years. In 2005 Krivka founded one more, purely punk-oriented Zikkurat III.


Vilem Cok  (1977-1981) , bass guitar, guitars, vocal
Jiri Krivka  (1977-1981) , guitars, bass guitar, vocal
Tomas Havrda  (1977-1981) , drums, percussion
Ota Balaz  (1979-1981) , vocal, saxophones


compilations / live recs.:

Zikkurat , Black Point 2000

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