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Classic Rock'n'Roll Band
years active: 1978 - 1991

One of a few bands of Czech musical history oriented on rock'n'roll music exclusively. Started in 1978 by renaming the band "Old Teenagers", founded by singer and guitarist Pepa Pilar (their predecessors and the first Pilar's band were "Teenagers", founded in 1961). Pilar was also present in taking of the cultic musical movie "Jackal's Years", singing the part of Reddy (who was played by the actor Jan Kacani) and acting himself the role of the Soviet ambassador.


Ivo Pospisil  (1978-1980)
Jiri Kabes  (since 1978)
Josef Pilar  (since 1978) , vocal
Jiri Sima, saxophones, vocal, drums
Jan Kalina, vocal
Petr Branda, guitars
Karel Zelezny, double-bass


samplers etc.:

30 let rock'n'rollu ( 30 years of Rock'n'Roll ) , M-Art 1990 ,

SP / EP:

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