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active from year 1997

band playing alternetive rock with a lot of other influences; gradually heading towards pop music


Marek Doubrava, guitars, piano, harmonium, glockenspiel, vocal, keyboards
Ondrej Jezek, other instruments
Filip Nebrensky, flute, clarinet, saxophones, tuba, bass guitar, vocal, trombone
Viktor Ekrt, violin, bass guitar, mouth organ, vocal
Jaroslav Noga, vibraphone, percussion, drums, cymbalo, vocal
Tomas Rejholec, drums, cowbells, percussion, vocal

Discography: by mohlo byt zajimave , Indies Records 2000
Obed , 2004
Plan na zimu , O.S.I.N.A. 2008
Klukoviny , 2011
Lovu zdar , Supraphon 2013
Nevadi , EPP 150-2 2019


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