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Kapitanova, Pavla
years active: 1987 - 2007

Excellent woman singer of rock, blues and chanson, sometimes called "Czech Janis Joplin". Born in Teplice, studied vocal at the Jaroslav Jezek COnservatory of Prague. Since 1987 singing in several dance orchestras and bands. For musical public discovered by the singer Ales Brichta who also produced her first album. In 1994-2003 she sang in several musicals (Jesus Christ Superstar, Hair, Rusalka, Joan of Arc). In 1997-2001 with the excellent rock band Krutnava. Later she has her own band The Fastbirds which later abandoned their name and performed just as Pavla Kapitanova & Band. In 2007 she tragically died in a car accident.

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samplers etc.:

Festival autorskeho sansonu 1. ( Festival of Authors' Chanson 1. ) , Frantisek Rychtarik 2007 ,


Neverim ( I Don't Beliveve ) , 1996 ,


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