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Prazsky vyber ( Prague Selection )
years active: 1976 - 2005

Originally an offspring of Prague Big Band, founded by Kocab; later a band of two strong individualities: vocalist and keyboardist Michaela Kocab and guitarist Michal Pavlicek. Never too creative but thanks to top instrumental skills of all musicians, always able to interprete current musical trends to the Czech listener, which was a rare opportunity because of the "Iron Curtain" that time. First period pure jazzrock, the album Zizen recorded with assistance of guests such as jazz keyboardist Martin Kratochvil and all members of the folkrock Marsyas band. In 1982, the band recorded a new wave album that was ready for distribution, originally named Straka v hrsti (Magpie In A Hand). Due to the Anti-New-Wave campaign, culminated in 1983 by the series of articles in the communist journal Tribuna, distribution of the record was prohibited and most of the new wave bands were prohibited. The album was released only 5 years later (this time named just Prazsky vyber) but meanwhile, the recordings were unofficially distributed among people on tapes and cassettes and became the most famous new wave album in the Czech Republic ever. The prohibition thus helped Kocab to become one of the most famous Czech musicians ever. The band was re-established just before the fall of the "iron curtain", this time named "Vyber"; they managed to record a new album in 1988 and one live album after the fall af communism, with Frank Zappa as a guest. Kocab's popularity brought him even to Czechoslovak Parliament after revolution. Even though he came back in the mid-90's, he had never achieved such a big success as with album 3. Prazsky vyber reunited several times for a few concerts but it was never permanent. In 2006, after conflicts with some of the original band members, Kocab founded his own band called Prazsky vyber II.


Jan Zizka  (1976-1977) , drums
Zdenek Fiser  (1976-1978) , guitars
Jiri Niederle  (1976-1978) , saxophones
Ondrej Soukup  (1976-1981) , bass guitar, double-bass
Michael Kocab  (since 1976) , piano, leader, keyboards, vocal, trumpets
Vratislav Placheta  (1978-1978) , drums
Martin Koubek  (1978-1979) , guitars
Ladislav Malina  (1978-1979) , drums
Jiri Tomek  (1980-1982) , percussion, vocal
Jiri Hrubes  (1980-1984) , drums
Michal Pavlicek  (since 1980) , guitars, vocal
Vilem Cok  (1981-2005) , bass guitar, vocal
Klaudius Kryspin  (1985-2005) , drums, percussion, rhythm instr.-other
David Koller  (1989-1989) , drums
Stanislav Jelinek  (1992-1999) , guitars
Frantisek Honig  (since 1992) , drums
Milos Vacik  (since 1992) , percussion
Ladislav Faktor  (since 1992) , keyboards
Milan Cimfe  (1999-1999) , bass guitar
Pavel Karlik  (since 1999) , guitars
Zlata Emily Kinska  (2003-2005)


Zizen ( Thirst ) , Panton 1978 ,
Prazsky vyber , Panton 1988 ,
Vyber , Supraphon 1988 ,
Adieu C.A. Live , Art Production K 1992 ,
Ber , Bonton 1997 ,
Beatova sin slavy (live) ( Beat Hall Of Fame (Live) ) , Sony Music Entertainment 2005

compilations / live recs.:

Komplet , Bonton 1995
Tango Ropotamo , Sony Music/Bonton 1998
Habadej ( Galore ) , Bonton 1999

SP / EP:

Vyznani / Ondrej ( Confession / Andrew ) , Panton 1977
Mini jazz klub 17 , Panton 1978
Prazakum, tem je tu hej / Mam ji rad a jsem jako slepy ( Cech, Frantisek Ringo ) , Supraphon 1984
Hledam dum holubi ( Searching For The House Of Pigeon ) , Supraphon 1985 ,
Na koni / Klid klidu ( On Horseback / Easy Quiet ) ( Basikova, Bara ) , Supraphon 1985



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