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Bez ladu a skladu ( Hubble-bubble )
active from year 1985

Slovak cultic underground band from Trencin. When starting, Michal Kascak was only 13 and the other founding members 15 years old. Yet they quickly earned a lot of fans, thenks both to interesting music and visual image (dark jackets and narrow black ties). The band was active till 2000 when the leader Michal Kascak dissolved it and started a more electronic band Neuropa. Later the meet occasionally on concerts.


Martin Bedats  (1985-1995) , guitars, background vocal
Michal Kascak  (1985-1997) , vocal, keyboards, percussion, mouth organ, guitars, production
Peter Kascak  (since 1985) , bass guitar, vocal, violoncello, background vocal
Richard Rybnicek  (since 1985) , drums, percussion, background vocal
Peter Slamen  (1987-1997) , drums
Rastislav Kubica, saxophones, vocal, percussion, background vocal
Peter Kohout "Kokry", saxophones, background vocal, clarinet
Eva Nemethova, background vocal


Horuce hlavy ( Hotheads ) , Opus 1991
Iba raz ( Just Once ) , BMG Ariola CR/SR 1994


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