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Tara Fuki
active from year 2000

Couple of singing female violoncellists (Dorota Barova, Andrea Konstankiewicz-Nazir), producing hard-to-describe alternative music (for rough approximation, musical terms like world music, classical music, jazz, folk, chanson can be used, together with non-musical ones like dream, subconciousness, hypnosis etc.). Both of them come from North Moravia, studied the conservatory of Ostrava and finally have met studying musical science at the Faculty of Philosophy in Brno. A major part of their lyrics is in Polish language.


Dorota Barova-Blahutova  (since 2000) , violoncello, vocal
Andrea Konstankiewicz  (since 2000) , violoncello, vocal


Piosenki do snu ( Songs for a Dream ) , Indies 2001 ,
Kapka ( Droplet ) , Indies 2003 ,
Auris , Indies Scope 2007 ,
Sens , Indies Scope 2010
Winna , Indies Scope 2014 ,

compilations / live recs.:

the best of... , Indies Scope 2015

samplers etc.:

Festival autorskeho sansonu 4. ( Festival of Authors' Chanson 4. ) , Frantisek Rychtarik 2007



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