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years active: 1967 - 1979

progressive folkrock band founded by Lesik Hajdovsky. The abbreviation was explained in different ways, mostly "Folkove ozveny Karlina" which means "Folk Echoes of Karlin" (Karlin as a district of Prague), but sometimes even as "Fathers of Konvention", remindig of Frank Zappa's backing band. The band disappeared on the turning of 1970s and 1980s and most of the lineup formed a new band Manzele.


Ladislav Braier  (1967-1976)
Alexandr Hajdovsky "Lesik"  (1967-1979)
Miroslav Jelinek "Miki"  (1972-1979)
Miroslava Hajdovska "Vlkova"  (1973-1979)
Petr Krecan  (1976-1976)
Lubos Fidler "Dalmador"  (1976-1979)
Pavel Richter  (1977-1979)
Michal Ditrich  (1978-1978)
Ivan Pavlu  (1979-1979)


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