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Samuels Band
years active: 1958 - 1976

One of the first Czech rock'n'roll bands, founded in 1958 in Podebrady by students of the radiotechnical faculty. Dismissed in 1960 after most of its members left to Prague. Petr Kaplan with Pavel Chrastina played in EP Hi-Fi and later in just starting Olympic. Petr Kaplan tried to come back in 1968; the band under new name Mickey and the Samuels opened the famous 2nd Czech Beat Festival in Prague. After a few years, mostly spent in Poland in variable line-up, playing with Polish country and folk bands, the band ended in about 1976.


Petr Kaplan  (1958-1960, 1968-1976) , vocal
Pavel Chrastina  (1958-1960)
Jiri Dolezal  (1958-1960)
Ivan Novak  (1958-1960)
Vladimir Polak  (1958-1960)
Michael Volek "Miki"  (1968-1969) , vocal
Miroslav Cech  (1968-1969)
Vladimir Bezdek "Vladena"  (1968-1970)
Antonin Dousa  (1968-1976)
Premysl Kaplan  (1968-1976)
Zuzana Hanzlova  (1970-1976)


samplers etc.:

2. cs beat festival ( 2nd CS Beat Festival ) , Panton 1969
2. cs beat-festival 68 ( 2nd CS Beat-festival 68 ) , Supraphon 1969


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