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Hoffman, Maria
active from year 2003

unbelievable appearance among Czech female singers and songwriters; already during her high school years setting poems to music and singing them with her own piano accompaniment; in 2006 she recorded a great album in celtic style with Jan Hruby. Her voice reminds lower positions of Tracy Chapman, English lyrics sung with easiness of native speaker. Unfortunately too unorthodox for Czech media; who expected rise of a new star after excellent outcome of recording with Hruby, was totally wrong. Probably the only way for her to achieve greater success is to perform on stages abroad. After finishing high school studies she left Czech Republic to study in FInland; perhaps she can find better understanding there. A few Czech talents deserve success as much as her. [photo: Wallachian Internet News Obelisk, 12/2004,]

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The Habit Of Perfection , Indies Happy Trails 2006 ,


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