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Monkey Business
active from year 1999

one of many Roman Holy's funky projects. Double winner of Czech "Gramy" as Discovery and Band of the year 2000. For their recordings and live performances theyoften invite prominent guests of domestic (Bittova, Stivin, Barta,...) and foreign musical scene (jazz sax player David Sanborn, Glenn Hughes of Deep Purple, ...) [Source: Official site, Report magazine 12/2001]


Roman Holy  (since 1999) , bass guitar, vocal, samples, keyboards, guitars, percussion, cymbalo, arrangement, background vocal
Matej Ruppert "Matthew"  (since 1999) , vocal
Pavel Mrazek  (since 1999) , bass guitar
Martin Houdek "Marten"  (since 1999) , drums, percussion
Tonya Graves  (2000-2016) , vocal
Imran Musa Zangi  (since 2000) , percussion
Ondrej Brousek "Andrew"  (since 2000) , keyboards
Oldrich Krejcoves  (since 2000) , guitars
Tereza Cernochova  (since 2016) , vocal


Save The Robots , Sony Music/Bonton/Columbia 2001
Why Be OUT When You Could Be IN , Sony Music/Bonton/Columbia 2001
Resistance Is Futile , Sony Music/Bonton/Columbia 2003
Kiss Me On My Ego , Sony Music Entertainment 2005
Objects Of Desire And Other Complications , Devil Inside Music/Columbia 2007
Twilight Of Jesters? , Devil Inside Music/Columbia 2009


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