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Navarova, Zuzana
active from year 1979

one of the most original Czech female singers and songwriters. Member of the folkrock band Nerez, later solo career. She spent some time in Cuba where she found her husband as well as a lot of musical inspiration. After leaving Nerez, cooperation with Columbian musician Ivan Gutierrez (3-member band Tres), then together they founded the band KOA. Since the Nerez times she writes folk music with latin-american elements, predicting the wave of interest in this kind of music brought a few years later by the Nigerian-British singer Sade Adu. Later also other ethnic influences. She died of cancer in December 2004, leaving an unremovable gap in the Czech musical life.

personal data, including participation in the recordings of other groups


Caribe , Monitor 1992
Tres , Sony Music 1995
Sklenena vrba , Indies 1999
Zelene album ( Green Album ) , Indies 2000
Barvy vsecky ( Colours All ) , Indies 2001
Jako Santidevi ( As Shanti Devi ) , Indies 2003

compilations / live recs.:

Smutkum na kabat ( Coat Of Sorrows ) , EMI 2005

samplers etc.:


KOA ( KOA ) , Indies Scope 2006 ,


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