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Hlava B
active from year 1985

blues-rock band from Hanspaulka district of Prague (the legendary breeding ground for blues and rock'n'roll musicians). Founded by guitarist Mario Cisar and mouth organ player Jiri Bartos. Another variant of the band name was Hlava Band, or Hlava B&.


Hynek Schneider  (1985-1987) , drums
Mario Cisar  (since 1985) , guitars, vocal, leader
Jiri Bartos "Kozel"  (since 1985) , mouth organ, vocal
Antonin Smrcka, bass guitar, vocal
Jaroslav Trachta, saxophones, vocal
Ivan Dvorak "Simpanz", drums, percussion
Vitek Malinovsky, clarinet, vocal, saxophones
Gustav Sedelmayer, trumpets, vocal


SP / EP:

Vehikl Blues / ... , Panton 1987
Blues ve skrini / ... , Panton 1989 ,

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