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Jisova, Pavlina
active from year 1980

folk songstress and violinist; famous by her cooperation with south-Bohemian country and folk bands (Sem tam, Minnesengri, Zalman&spol.). Also her work with Robert Krestan and Druha trava band is worth to be mentioned. She also performed solo; e.g. in 1980s she had a tour on Czech military garrisons, singing everything from folk to pop, blues and brass music. Unusual talent that had unfortunately no chance to develop fully.

personal data, including participation in the recordings of other groups


SP / EP:

Pavlina Jisova a pratele ( Pavlina Jisova and Friends ) , Panton 1989 ,


Druha trava a Pavlina Jisova ( Druha trava - Second Grass ) , Venkow 1995

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