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About Us

About Us

this site ( is a continuation of the project started on a different domain,, in 1997. The original intention was creating of the most complete database on all sorts of Czech music. The project turned out too ambitious, considering the lack of resources. It was one person work without any commercial outcome. After some time it became obvious that it was not possible to handle new development and regular update of the website in the originally intended scope. Our small family IT business started to work on reconstrucion of the site in 2010. The old html technology was replaced by more up-to date and powerful one (PHP and MySQL). In the meantime, the site is far from perfect, yet operational. We are working on technical fine-tuning but most importantly: the content is being updated step by step, so that the information value of this site is better that the old one. It is a long run (more precisely: an infinite one) but we hope that with some help from a few fellows, we are able to build a database uniqui in the Czech Republic. It should be helpul to musical fans as well as music reviewers, students, and last but not least: we would like to promote czech music abroad because we believe it is worth it. As both music and internet know no frontiers, We have hope that it might work...


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