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Blues o klamne nadeji / Luckyboy

 label : N.A.R.
 released : 1991
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SP blue vinyl 7"; not for sale



Jan Spaleny - vocal
Frantisek Havlicek - rhythm instr.-other, flute, clarinet
Petr Kalandra - mouth organ, vocal
Jan Spaleny - piano, trumpets
Martin Sulc - drums (guest)
Filip Spaleny - tuba (guest)
Imran Musa Zangi - rhythm instr.-other, tambourine, timbales, conga (guest)
Alexej (Ales) Charvat - accordion, bass guitar, double-bass (guest)
Michal Gera - trumpets (guest)
Irena Budweiserova - vocal (guest)
Petr Zeman - guitars (guest)


1. Blues o klamne nadeji (Blues Of Vain Hope) - ASPM, 1991 (music by: J.Spaleny, lyrics by: P.Kopta)
2. Luckyboy - ASPM, 1991 (music by: J.Spaleny, lyrics by: V.Hadac)

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