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Josef Fiala

born: 1748-03-03
died: 1816-07-31
birthplace: Lochovice u Horovic
diedplace: Donaueschingen

Remarkable personality of Europian classical music; distinguished violoncello and oboe virtuoso. Son of a teacher in Lochovice (close to Beroun, Central Bohemia). The owners of Lochovice Manor, Counts of Netolice, were devoted to music themselves. They soon recognized the talent of yooung Fiala. They sent him to Prague to study violoncello upon Mr. Werner and oboe upon Mr. Stastny. Fiala soon became a reputable musician; he played in the band of Countess of Netolice as well as in the choirs of several Prague churches. Due to disagreements with the authorities, he left to Germany. In 1774 he entered the band of Prince of Wallerstein in Bavaria. In 1777 he played in the band of Prince Elector Maxmilian III. in Munich. At that time he successfully composed his own music. His works were highly rated by W.A. Mozart who met Fiala in Munich and became friends. In 1778 he entered the archbishop's band in Salzburg on the recommendation of Mozarts's father. He lived there in Getreide Gasse in the house of Mozart's birth. In 1785 he moved to Vienna (in the beginning he lived in Mozart's House there). In 1886 he accepted a lucrative offer from Russian Prince Orlov and became his bandmaster in Petersburg. He came back to Czechia in 1790. He performed successful concerts there; however, in 1792 he left again. He became a member of Prince Fuerstenberg's band in Donaueschingen where he stayed till the end of his life.
About 120 of Fiala's compositions have been preserved. He wrote instrumental music, mainly chamber compositions, solo concertos with orchestra and even a symphony.

  • Symphony in F Major
  • a number of solo concertos (gamba and orchestra, cello and orchestra, horn and orchestra etc.)
  • Divertimento in F
  • duets (for oboe and viola,for clarinet a piano etc.)
  • a lot of other chamber compositions


CD Booklet Rejcha-Fiala: Cello Concertos (GZ Lodenice 1994)


Concert in G Major for violoncello and orchestra (MP3) (III. Rondo-Allegro, rec. Karel Fiala-cello, Archi Boemi, cond. Hynek Farkac, CD Cello Concertos, GZ 1994)

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