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Jaroslav Kricka

born: 1882-08-27
died: 1969-01-23
birthplace: Kelc
diedplace: Praha

Born in the family of school director and musician as the oldest of 3 siblings. His brother Petr became a poet, his sister Pavla a writer. Father taught his children violin, piano and singing. Jaroslav studied at the Prague and finished his musical studies in Berlin (1905-1906). Then he spent 3 years in Russian Empire (Dnepropetrovsk, todays Dnipro, Ukraine) where he promoted Czech music and became friends a.o. with Alexandr Glazunov. Back in Prague, 1909, he became a choirmaster of the famous Czech choir Hlahol and introduced a number of new pieces of the contemporary Czech authors (Janáček, Novák, Jeremiáš). In 1918 became a professor of composition at Prague conservatory and later a headmaster. After WW II., he dedicated all his time to composition. In his early works influenced by Russian authors, later also by Czech modern composers and Czech and Moravian traditional music.

  • 9 song cycles
  • 6 cantatas
  • Orchestral works (2 symphonies and other works)
  • Chamber music (a.o. 3 string quartets)
  • Stage music (operas, operettas also for children, theatre play music)
  • Film music



Glimpses 4 Mixed Choruses, Op. 26, 1918 (Youtube)
Dewy Song on a traditional theme (Youtube)

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