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Otakar Jeremias

born: 1892-10-17
died: 1962-03-05
birthplace: Pisek
diedplace: Praha

Born in a choirmaster's family. His older brother Jaroslav became a composer as well. Otakar studied at a conservatory (Organ play and Theory and composition), later private studies of composition with Vitezslav Novak. In 1910-12 a violoncellist with Prague Philharmony. 1913-28 a teacher and the musical school in Budweis, after father's death in 1920 becoming a director. 1929-45 conductor of the Prague Radio Symphony Orchestra. In 1946-49 director of National Theatre Opera. J. works are known for their pathos, monumentality, inner logic and dynamics. Formally he remains within romantic genre, with little influence of modern music styles.

  • Vocal works (melodrams, songs, choruses)
  • Operas (Karamazov Brothers 1927, Enspigl 1949)
  • Cantatas
  • Film music


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