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To be able to listen to musical samples, you need to have an mp3 player installed on your computer (e.g. WIndows Media Player, Winamp or others). The samples are significantly shortened and the quality is lowered. Please do not ask us to send or publish full length high quality audio files, this is not what we do. Starting authors may send us their music samples, we will be happy to post them if they are related to Czechia and the quality is good enough. On the other hand, anyone who does not agree with publishing his music samples and/or personal information, please feel free to contact us (see section About Us)

Notes to albums rating

Some of the recordings are rated by stars from * (the worst) to ***** (the best). Rating is subjective and expresses the opinion of the author of the article .

List of sources used

As all the sources are in the Czech language, the list is only available in the Czech language version.

Last update 2012-07-05