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Majerovy brzdove tabulky ( Majer's Brake Tables )
active from year 1985

Excellent alternative band playing something between folk and guitar pop, much more special and colorful than other bands within the genre, with much better lyrics, thus less commercially successful. Characteristic sound of saxes and existencial lyrics inspired by Oldrich Janota and his band Mozart K. New electronical instruments used on album 5. but the original sound of the band remained unchanged. However, the singer Andrea Landovska left in 2005; the repertoir gets adjusted to male singer duo Kahle-Linhart who do not always sing in tune, and suddenly the fragile magic of MBT sound is gone. The situation has not changed after arrival of the new skilled woman singer Alice Holubova (-> Hradistan). Kahle & Linhart still try to sing which means retreat from the position of one of the best and most original Czech folk-rock bands ever.


Pavel Ullmann  (1985-1989)
Radim Prokop  (1985-1991) , bass guitar
Petr Linhart  (since 1985) , guitars, vocal, mandoline, zither, bass guitar, drums
Tamara Nathova  (1986-1987)
Alena Prokopova-Juricova  (1988-1991) , vocal
Vit Kahle  (since 1988) , saxophones, background vocal, piano, rhythm instr.-other, clarinet, zither, whistles, vocal
Antonin Bernard  (since 1988) , bass guitar, violin, guitars, zither, rhythm instr.-other, violoncello
Andrea Landovska  (1991-2005) , vocal, violin, whistles
Tomas Makovsky  (since 2006) , drums
Alice Holubova "Pokorna"  (since 2008) , vocal


Nocni zpravy ( Late Night News ) , 1989
Mista castych zjeveni ( Places Of Frequent Visions ) , F-Art 1992
Gabreta , Indies Records 1996 ,
Babi Jan , Indies Records 1998
Ryba ryb ( Fish Of The Fish ) , Indies Records 2000 ,
Palava , Indies Records 2004 ,
Noc ozven ( Night Of The Echoes ) , Indies MG 2008 ,

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