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Name Born Died
Peter Martincek 1962 Slovak composer, pedagogue, conductor
Stepan Rak 1945 excellent Czech guitarist and composer
Dusan Martincek 1936 2006 recognized Slovak contemporary composer, pianist and pedagogue
Lubos Fiser 1935 1999 Composer of contemporary classical and film music
Petr Eben 1929 2007 internationally recognized composer of contemporary music (often on religious and children's themes)
Viktor Kalabis 1923 2006 Czech composer, music editor and musicologist, husband of harpsichordist Zuzana Růžičková
Ilja Hurnik 1922 prominent contemporary Czech composer, writer, pedagogue and popularizer
Otmar Macha 1922 2006 important composer of Czech contemporary music
Jan Cikker 1911 1989 co-founder of modern Slovak music
Vaclav Trojan 1907 1983 czech composer, musican and pedagogue, pupil of V.Novak and A. Haba
Jaroslav Jezek 1906 1942 pupil of Josef Suk, author of the most famous songs of the Liberated Theatre and avant-garde works in classical style
Isa Krejci 1904 1968 neoclassicist composer, conductor, musical director
Emil Frantisek Burian 1904 1959 poet, stage director, composets of many styles and faces, pupil of J.B.Foerster
Ervin Schulhoff 1894 1942 Notable Czech composer and pianist of jewish origin
Alois Haba 1893 1973 pupil of V.Novak, one of the most courrageous avantgardists of Czech music ever
Otakar Jeremias 1892 1962 Notable Czech composer of the 1st half of 20th century, conductor, pedagogue
Bohuslav Martinu 1890 1959 together with Janacek the most important Czech composer of the 20th Century
Jaroslav Kricka 1882 1969 Notable composer of the 1st half of 20th century, conductor, musical pedagogue and columnist
Josef Suk 1874 1935 composer of the transition of romanticism to modern music of XX.Century, disciple and son-in-law of A.Dvorak
Vitezslav Novak 1870 1949 one of the founders of Czech modern music, disciple of A.Dvorak
Karel Kovarovic 1862 1920 composer and excellent conductor that made the Czech National Theatre Opera famous all over the world
Josef Bohuslav Foerster 1859 1951 composer of the romantic period and its continuation in modern music of 20th century
Josef Klicka 1855 1937 composer of Late Romanticism, organ professor at Prague Conservatory
Leos Janacek 1854 1928 together with A. Dvorak, the most appreciated Chech composer ever
Zdenek Fibich 1850 1900 important Cech romantic composer
David Popper 1843 1913 Czech cello player and composer of Jewish origin
Antonin Dvorak 1841 1904 the most popular Czech composer ever; director of National Conservatory in New York
Karel Bendl 1838 1897 Czech romantic composer, singer, conductor and teacher
Vilem Blodek 1834 1874 Czech romantic composer, author of popular opera In the Well
Jan Krtitel Knahl 1825 1901 composer and choirmaster of King's Chapel at Prague Castle
Bedrich Smetana 1824 1884 Czech national composer
Josef Slavik 1806 1833 composer and excellent violinist, nicknamed Czech Paganini
Frantisek Skroup 1801 1862 musician, singer, conductor and composer of the Czech National Revival period, author of Czech national anthem
Jan Vaclav Hugo Vorisek 1791 1825 composer and musician, representative of the Austrian branch of Czech emigration of the transition of Classicism to Romanticism
Jan Nepomuk Hummel 1778 1837 Austrian composer, piano virtuoso and teacher born in Slovakia; child prodigy, pupil of Mozart and Haydn's
Vaclav Jan Krtitel Tomasek 1774 1850 composer and pedagogue, leading personality of Prague musical life in the 1st half of 19th century
Antonin Rejcha 1770 1836 Czech composer of Classical and Early Romantic periods; Beethoven's friend, pioneer in usage of wind
Jakub Jan Ryba 1765 1815 schoolmaster from Rozmital, author of the popular Czech Christmas Mass (Hey, master!)
Antonin Vranicky 1761 1820 excellent violinist, composer (disciple of Haydn and Mozart) and pedagogue
Jan Ladislav Dusik 1760 1812 piano virtuoso and great composer of the transition of classicism to romantism
Josef Jelinek 1758 1825 excellent piano player, Haydn's and Mozart's friend
Pavel Vranicky 1756 1808 violinist and important composer, friend of Haydn, Mozart and Beethoven
Karel Blazej Kopriva 1756 1785 excellent organist and composer from Citoliby Manor
Josef Rejcha 1752 1795 excellent cello player, composer and conductor, continuator of Mannheim School tradition
Jan Krtitel Kuchar 1751 1829 top organ player, composer, friend and propagator of W.A.Mozart
Josef Fiala 1748 1816 prominent personality of European musical classicism; Mozart's friend, reputable cello and oboe virtuoso
Karel Stamic 1745 1801 son of Jan Vaclav Stamic, excellent violinist, continuator of the Mannheim School tradition
Frantisek Gaudentius Leopold Dettelbach 1739 1818 Slovak composer of the break of baroque and classical perionds; Franciscan monk, teacher and organis
Jan Krtitel Vanhal 1739 1813 famous Czech composer and pedagogue, representative of Vienna Classicism
Josef Myslivecek 1737 1781 probably the most famous Czech composer of 18th century. He worked in Italy ("Divine Czech")
Jozef Pantaleon Roskovsky 1734 1789 slovak composer and musician on the transition of baroque to classical period
Fratinsek Xaver Brixi 1732 1771 top Czech composer of early classicism, bandmaster at St.Vitus Cathedral
Frantisek Xaver Dusek 1731 1799 piano virtuoso and composer, friend of W.A.Mozart and his host in Prague
Jiri Ignac Linek 1725 1791 pioneer of Czech classicism, schoolmaster in Bakov nad Jizerou
Jiri Antonin Benda 1722 1795 famous Czech composer of the early classical period; founder of melodramas
Paulin Bajan 1721 1792 Slovak franciscan priest, baroque composer and organist
Josef Schreier 1718 Moravian schoolmaster who composed folk operettas and church music
Jan Vaclav Antonin Stamic 1717 1757 pioneer of musical classicism, besides F.X.Richter main representative of Mannheim School
Josef Seger 1716 1782 composer, organist and pedagogue of late baroque period
Peter P. Petko 1713 1793 slovakian composer, transition of baroque to classical music
Frantisek Xaver Richter 1709 1789 composer, singer, violinist and pedagogue, main representative of Mannheim School
Frantisek Benda 1709 1786 brilliant violinist and late baroque composer at the court of Prussian King Friedrich II
Jan Zach 1699 1773 famous organist and violinist in transition from Baroque to Classicism
Frantisek Vaclav Mica 1694 1744 late baroque composer and conductor from Jaromerice
Bohuslav Matej Cernohorsky 1684 1742 excellent organ player and top baroque composer
Jan Dismas Zelenka 1679 1745 the most famous Czech baroque composer, appreciated by J.S.B
Jan Antonin Losy, hrabe z Losimthalu 1650 1721 Czech lute player and composer with Swiss family roots
Pavel Josef Vejvanovsky 1640 1693 Field Trumpeter in Kromeriz, a remarkable personality of Czech baroque music
Adam Vaclav Michna z Otradovic 1600 1676 the first famous Czech baroque composer; author of Czech Songbooks
Jan Campanus Vodnansky 1572 1622 Czech poet, scholar and composer of late renaissance period
Jan Sixt z Lerchenfelsu 1550 1629 remarkable Czech clergyman and late renaissance composer
Jiri Rychnovsky 1545 1616 mayor of Czech town Chrudim, renaissance composer

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